5 Popular Road Construction Equipment in Kenya

Kenya’s construction industry has two major industry drivers, housing or building and transportation. Both these sectors together influence the infrastructure of Kenya. There is a particular ministry assigned to look into policy actions and initiatives towards achieving these infrastructural goals, known as the Ministry of Transport. They look into every aspect of development with respect to aviation, roads, maritime, housing, urban development and rail. Some of the important agencies that look after the development under this ministry include:

Road Construction Equipment in Kenya

  • Kenya Roads Board
  • Kenya Urban Roads Authority
  • Kenya National Highways Authority
  • Kenya Rural Roads Authority
  • Kenya Ports Authority
  • Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
  • Kenya Railways Corporation
  • Kenya Airports Authority
  • National Construction Authority
  • National Transport Safety Agency

Based on a study by the Business Monitor International, Kenya’s construction market is supposed to observe a superior growth among the Sub-Saharan Africa region, till the year 2024. This can be with respect to Vision 2030. It is a government plan towards achieving development through rehabilitation, resealing, tarmacking and dividing the road construction of Kenya.

Most Common Road Construction Equipment in Kenya

The road construction companies depend on high-quality road construction equipment. Below, we have mentioned 5 popular road construction equipment in Kenya that typically works well with a project that involves new build, minor repairs or re-carpeting of the roads.

1. Asphalt Mixing Plant

The asphalt mixing plant is used to produce the base of the road, a.k.a., the asphalt concrete. This concrete is made avail in the form of coated road-stone. Various mineral aggregates, filler and sand are used to obtain the asphalt concrete in the right proportion. The mix is heated and then coated with binder.

The asphalt mixing plant is also responsible for keeping the concrete heated, ready to be laid down in layers.

2. Bitumen Pressure Distributor

The bitumen pressure distributor is responsible for having an even application of the bitumen. It can be mounted on a truck or can be self-propelled. If you buy a bitumen pressure distributor from Kaushik Engineering Works, then you can expect it to have the following salient features:

  • Completely insulated bitumen tank that has a highly efficient heating system
  • Air cooled diesel engine
  • Designed to mount on standard truck chassis
  • A positive displacement gear pump
  • Safe and easy to operate
  • Handy system
  • Unique pressure cleaning system for the equipment
  • Factory Tested
  • Ready to be launched and installed

3. Mobile Drum Mix Plants

It just works as an asphalt mix plant but in mobile condition. You do not necessarily need to install the whole plant, just a drum which can be used to mix the asphalt. Our Mobile Drum Mix Plants are a success in Kenya with many opting for it.

4. Line Striping Machine

Road markings are very important and are achieved through striping. This is performed at the end of the road construction process. There are many types of line striping machines based on the striping finish you wish to achieve. The machines use ink to make quality stripes. Lock your lines of the road construction process with Kaushik Engineering Works. Many road constructors in Kenya trust us for their equipment needs.

5. Hydraulic Road Sweeper

It is necessary to keep the roads clean after the road construction process. For this, the government has started having separate contracts with road construction companies who will look after the roads and their maintenance after the completion of the road construction.

The road constructing companies can use our Hydraulic road sweepers to keep the roads clean. It is necessary for countries that have a warm climate and occasionally witness dust and dirt storms on the road.

Get these and more with Kaushik Engineering Works!

We are a one-stop destination towards having all the road construction machines and types of equipment needed in the process of building strong and quality roads. Our machines are quite popular among the road constructing agencies in Kenya, making us a leading global supplier.

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