Brazil’s Infrastructure: Great Opportunity for Infrastructural Investors

There is nothing beyond the power of nature but we can surely build a better infrastructure that can act as a shield against the natural calamities. Brazil most recently faced the wrath of nature when a voyage ran into a ferocious storm which led a spilling of 45 containers into the sea.

For the people of Brazil, storm warnings are frequent but this is definitely affecting the economy of the country with a shrink of almost 7 percent over 2 years in its economy.

Hot Mix Plants, Mobile Asphalt Plant In Brazil

Brazil has also been ranked 72 out of 138 countries for its lack of infrastructure. This makes the country quite behind from other countries like Mexico. With this, we feel that Brazil has a great scope of improvement in terms of infrastructural development.

But what is the challenge that Brazil is facing?

Building roads are as easy as assigning a contractor and him getting the hot mix plants or mobile Asphalt plant but it isn’t this easy for Brazil.

Being the 6th largest economy in the world, Brazil has about 85 percent of its citizens in urban areas. Despite this ratio, the mega-cities of Brazil face pool infrastructure and transportation design. This has led to millions of car’s flooded on the Brazilian streets, making them full of traffic and congested. This has led to an increase in road fatalities and pollution. The people who are travelling via bus may take as much as double the time to reach their destination due to this flooding. These problems will keep on increasing with the booming urban population.

Another problem is with the number of roads installed, that connect two cities. Brazil’s problems towards infrastructure are deeper than those visible. Brazil has not built enough highways and roads that can connect the whole country. The highways are inadequate with low quality. This hampers the country to meet its demand as the process of delivering gets slow.

To worsen the situation a little more, the government is not investing as much as they should for infrastructural development. But this acts as a boon for companies who wish to invest in the infrastructure of Brazil. According to the government statistics of Brazil, the government fails to even contribute to the infrastructure as much as it is allowed or authorized.

This builds a fruitful condition, not only for infrastructural investors but also for foreign exporters of hot mix plants and mobile asphalt plants, along with other road construction machines to enter the market.

How can investors help?

Constructors can develop road for the public and collect a toll for their revenue. This can be part public- part private agreement. But the process will not be cheap as Brazil is a big economy and so buying the machines from local companies might turn out to be an expensive decision. So, what should you do? Import the road construction machines such as the Hot Mix Plant or Mobile Asphalt Mix plant from other countries like India. Even with the duties and taxes, the machines will be cheaper than those available in Brazil without skimping on quality. Many countries are adapting to importing and Brazil has the same potential too!

Whom to get the road construction machines from?

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