How to Start the Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Correctly

Used to produce coated roadstones that are laid as asphalt concrete or blacktop, an asphalt batch mixing plant is definitely crucial to the process of road construction. Machines can be different, there can be various equipment used, but when you compare the process of road construction among all the countries around the world, one thing is only common is an asphalt mixing plant.

asphalt batch mixing plant

But as the years have passed, asphalt plant has also developed new advancements with regards to design, structure, and features. The newest of the plants are eco-friendly as they are effective in protecting the environment by having low energy consumption and low carbon emission. Other than these benefits, they also produce less noise and control dust and harmful gas emissions.

The newer models can now collect the old asphalt mixture and process it to be brand new and ready to be used again, thus recycling it. This method can save substantial quantity of asphalt and other raw materials while protecting the environment. This can be the new future of the road construction process. We believe that the world is ready to take a qualitative leap with the new advancements of asphalt plants and so should you!

Even with these new advancements, the machine will have the same operation, which many of the experienced road constructors still have difficulty in operating properly. Thus, we have laid down 7 aspects that you need to pay close attention to in order to operate the machine correctly!

Aspects to Pay Close Attention to While Starting the Asphalt Plants

The following mentioned aspects will benefit you in saving time while improving efficiency in producing quality asphalt for road construction.

1. Check the state of the switches

Before connecting the power supply, check the state of the switches. You wouldn’t want the machine to fire up just as the power is connected.

2. The state of your computer

The computer should be in a normal state so check the computer as it starts. Take the necessary steps if something seems to be wrong.

3. Set up precise parameters

You require a specific/certain ratio of asphalt mixture to finish a project. Try to set the ratio parameters beforehand so there is no waste.

4. Air compressor and rated pressure

Let the air compressor reach a rated pressure and then manually operate the valves to secure normal work. This is great for the silo doors as they need the tank to be completely clean.

5. Inform the team when ready

Just as you feel sure that the asphalt mixing plant is ready to be used, inform the concerned personnel and ask the team to be ready.

6. Notify the control room, in case of any problem

After this, try to start all the motors in a sequence. Observe the working and notify the control room, if you feel there is any abnormality and take appropriate measures.

7. After the check, let the machine rest for 10 minutes

Let the equipment be idle after you have checked the complete working and notice if the production has begun or not.

Get an Asphalt Mixing Plant that is Easier To Handle!

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