Reasons Why You Are Losing Pressure in Your Bitumen Sprayer

Bitumen Sprayers work on pressure. If you have been working with it for years then you might have already faced a little or absolute lack of pressure, at any point of your working. But if you are new to the construction business and you feel that you need to change your bitumen sprayer because it is not working well, then stop! The problem can be the pressure.

We have mentioned a few important reasons as to why bitumen emulsion sprayers lose pressure. Know about them, in order to have a long-lasting sprayer.

Bitumen Pressure Distributer

1. Too thick of an emulsion

Emulsions are purchased from the suppliers in the concentrated form. Thus, to use the emulsion in your bitumen sprayer, you need to dilute it. But over-diluting it can cause some problems. Normally, the sealer or emulsion has to be diluted with 10 to 15 per cent of water. This allows the emulsion to move quickly through the hose and into the pump. Over-diluting the emulsion will cause the liquid to have bubbles and froth. You can add more concentration in order to bring it to the desired ratio.

Also, you can add the water before adding the concentrated emulsion. This will help you to master the consistency more properly.

2. Blockage at the suction pipe

The suction pipe goes from the bottom of the tank to the pump’s suction port. Sediments can cause a blockage in your suction pipe. These sediments build up after a rough continuous use, without any maintenance. If you feel that there are sediments, then do agitate the emulsion well.

3. Clogging of the spray gun

Spray guns need proper maintenance and regular checks to keep it running in the best state possible. When not cleaned over a very long period of time, it can get clogged easily. Clean the trigger gun after a week of use or even every day if possible. You can use fresh water for the same and flush everything out.

4. Not enough emulsion in the tank

Tanks require a certain amount of emulsion to work efficiently. In absence of the appropriate level, the suction port can suck in air and make your construction come to a halt. Maintaining an accurate level of emulsion will also help the bitumen sprayer to maintain proper pressure.

5. Too long agitation

Do not agitate the mixture longer than 30 seconds or else it will start forming bubbles and foam.

6. Additives in your emulsion

There are many additives that after adding to the emulsion can result in immediate foaming. Be careful while adding these additives.

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