Construction Equipment in the Top 20 Imports of Saudi Arabia

Know all about the booming market of road construction machines in Saudi Arabia. Get in to learn a few tips to import better quality of equipment, globally!

Saudi Arabia’s government has several plans to achieve better economic performance. One of them is to diversify its economic investment into diverse sectors that include industries like banking, agriculture, retail, infrastructure and transportation, education and hospitality. These are the reasons why the country requires good import in the construction equipment market. Another reason for this growth is the country’s expanding mining and metal industry.

With an estimated growth of 8.75% CAGR, Saudi Arabia’s Construction Equipment Market is among the fast-growing when compared to other countries. The market is prominently driven by imports with a few global players holding a majority in the share.

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One of the most dominant factors for growth is the metal and mining industry of Saudi Arabia. This is among the sectors that contribute the most in revenue generation by using road construction equipment.

According to the experts, the percentage of growth has been derived from many ‘under planning’ projects of the construction industry related to both private and public infrastructural development.

Tips To Select the Best Supplier

If you are a construction company from Saudi Arabia, you must be wondering as to how you can trust the global companies when it comes to construction equipment. It’s quite simple. Follow our tips to select the best global road construction equipment supplier!

1. Evaluate your current fleet

Before you spring in on the searching process, you need to be very well aware of your current fleet. If you will directly contact a representative of a road construction equipment supplier, they might push options on you, that you may or may not need. It is better to know what you want and then search about it.

2. Select quality over price

While importing, the construction company should not think cheap. Quality road construction equipment lasts longer than the cheaper ones. This might help you to save money in the longer run.

3. Look for recommendations

With the advent of the internet, this has become quite easy. Before you select a supplier, try to look for its reputation in the home country. You might even get all your answers in the reviews.

4. Try to send someone in, to check the quality

It is difficult to be sure of the quality of road construction machines, especially when you are importing. You might have several doubts about the spare parts and the complete look and feel of the machines. One thing that we have learned out of online purchases is that pictures can be deceptive and thus you cannot make a decision based on simple quotations and a few images. There is a solution! Hire someone to look into the machines for you. There are many agents who would be happy to do the screening for you in a small fee. This will assure you about the quality and worth of the equipment.

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