Wet Mix Macadam Plants


ModelKEW 100KEW 150KEW 200KEW 250KEW 300
Capacity100 TPH150 TPH200 TPH250 TPH300 TPH
Wet Mix Macadam Plant

In continuing the tradition of providing automatic excellence in Road Construction Machinery, KAUSHIK has engineered Wet Mix Macadam Plant (Soil Stabilisation Plant) for achieving homogenous mix material, to prepare base and sub base in Road Construction Projects. Designed to confront the toughest job site requirements and maximum reliability and uptime, KAUSHIK Wet Mix Macadam plants have been designed with robust structure and quality precision.

Motivated to meet specific customer requirements, KAUSHIK Wet Mix plants ranging from 100 TPH to 300 TPH can be tailored as needed. Cement stabilisation (CTAB) system and other optional accessories for we mix macadam equipment can be provided as per the unique requirement.

Our wet mix macadam plants, offered in varying capacities, ensure cost-efficiency and high performance. Made using the latest technologies, our wet mix plants are customized as per unique foundation drawing given by the seller.


Pug mill (Mixing) Unit

A heavy duty low speed Pug mill type Mixer with steel casting paddles, replaceable and adjustable Ni-Hard Tips and replaceable Ni-Hard Liner Plates

The twin shaft KAUSHIK pug mill design provides fast, continuous and homogeneous mixing of aggregates and additives. The shafts are mounted on extra heavy duty anti-friction bearings for smooth function and extended life. KAUSHIK pug mill unit is lined on the inside with 10 mm Ni-hard (Nickle Hard) replaceable tiles. These liners are for inner shell & side plate, As a result of this minimum wearing occurs resulting in longer life of the pug mill. Our pug mill is designed to take overload of 20% in continuous operation without affecting the quality of mix.

Cold Aggregate Bin Feeder

The bins are all-welded and modular in construction, permitting easy addition of bins to meet growing needs. Steep bin walls and valley angels allow free flow of aggregates from the feeders minimizing hold up to materials in the corners and bridging with sticky aggregates. The bins supplied with adjustable calibrated gate openings and variable speed feeder drives, together offer total proportional control, greater flexibility and accuracy of operations.

Paddle Arms Tips

KAUSHIK Pug mill Paddle Arms & Tips are of heavy duty design to achieve homogeneous mix especially the Ni-hard tips. As a result of this minimal wear & tear occurs, this in turn leads to Economical Operational Cost of the Wet Mix Macadam Plant.

Control Panel
Control Panel
Control Cabin
Control Cabin

Fully computerized control cabin, of Wet Mix Macadam Plant, with on board electrical power control console, distribution n switch board, fully automatic process and sequence controls are a standard on our KEW series plants.

A user friendly software gives you total reliability and ensures top notch performance.

  • Fail proof interlocks and auto process controls
  • Online fault detection
  • Online printing facility
  • Provisions to print, store and edit production details, mix proportions, etc.
  • Display of all process control parameters
  • Automatic, semi-automatic & manual operation

The control of the Wet Mix Plant is equipped with function keys and numeric keys and does not require special skills for operation.

Optional attachments provided to suit specific needs

Storage Silo

The 25 MT storage silo (optional in some models) is rigid, easy to erect and transfer. The batcher arrangement at the feeding point minimizes mix segregation. Fast opening hydraulically operated clamshell gates facilitate quick discharge of mix material into the trucks without segregation.

One or two water tanks of different MT. capacity are provided. They are fabricated from steel plates with manhole, flowmeter, pump etc.

Our Wet Mix Macadam Plant are manufactured using the latest technologies in order to ensure low operating costs, high efficiency and durability. Created strictly following MORTH specifications, our wet mix plants perform at the optimum rate.

While being easy to operate, the wet mix macadam plants manufactured by Kaushik Engineering Works, deliver high production rate. With a highly accurate aggregate and additives feeder, our wet mix plants produce high quality mix.

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