Roads create the future on which the future generations will march ahead. They are the lifeline of any country as they connect remote parts with the lively city. They provide the foundation for a strong transport system. They contribute to the economic development of the country by offering employment to citizens in various industries related to road construction, transportation, small scale businesses operating in remote areas, village residents commuting to city areas for employment, schools, hospitals, manufacturing of road construction products, and many more. Road construction offers immense opportunity for the overall growth of an economy and benefits the nation.

Good quality road construction products are essential to carry out the process with ease and contribute to the quality of the road constructed.

Road Construction Products We Offer to Facilitate the Process.

1. Asphalt Drum Mix Plants
2. Mobile Drum Mix Plants
3. Asphalt Batch Mix Plants
4. Wet Mix Macadam Plants
5. Concrete Batching Plants
6. Bitumen pressure Distributor
7. Hydraulic Road Sweeper

Asphalt Drum Mix Plants:

To assist the road construction process, we offer asphalt drum mix plants with unmatched fuel efficiency. With an aim to offer our customers only the best, we consistently update our products to meet the demands of changing times. Providing up-to-the-minute process controls and automation, we provide complete support for total installation at site. We also offer installation at global sites. Cost-efficiency with productivity is ensured with our Asphalt Drum Mix Plants. Click on the respective product image to explore more about our mix plants.

We offer Asphalt Mix Plants with varying functionalities and performance.

1. Stationary Asphalt Drum Mix Plants
2. Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plants
3. Asphalt Batch Mix Plants

To meet the varying needs by offering our asphalt plants in stationary and mobile versions. If you have different needs, then you can also avail of custom-built asphalt plants designed to match your precise requirements. In all the designs we provide we promise high efficiency sealed in a compact form. Though sophisticated in their performance, our plant is easy to operate with simple controls which can be learnt with training.

With our mobile drum mix plants successfully installed at various locations in Kenya and Bangladesh, you needn’t worry about your location to avail of our products and services. Our product installation team will serve you as per your need.

Our other road construction products include wet mix macadam plants, concrete batching plants, and Bitumen pressure distributor.

Once the road is constructed, it is also important to keep it clean and dust free which ensures smooth flow of vehicles. Our hydraulic road sweeper is one such invention designed to serve construction, industrial and municipal jobs. It can be easily attached to forklifts, loaders, and tractors to accomplish the task. It has been efficiently designed for faster and better cleaning which doesn’t consume too much power.

Avail of the best road construction products from Kaushik Enterprises!

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