Road Marking Machine


Road markings are milestones of the journey. They give directions and, at times, save lives with the right markings at the right places. Being a prominent supplier of road construction products, Kaushik Engineering Works has also proven its expertise in making and supplying road marking machines. From making stripes on roads to making markings on airport runaways, our machines have mastered it all.

We offer a variety of road marking machines to mark different patterns, for different purposes. Our machines are equipped to mark

  1. Stripes on roads
  2. Bike paths
  3. City streets- to ensure undisturbed flow of vehicles
  4. Factory floors
  5. Side streets
  6. Sports grounds
  7. Bus-stops
  8. Zebra crossings
  9. Railway platform
  10. Highways for traffic control
  11. Intersections
  12. Parking lots

Our road making machines are built using high-grade materials and parts. We ensure that our machines meet the industry standards. Taking our equipment through rigorous quality-testing procedures, we ensure a long lifespan. Our machines make the markings in a perfect manner that matches the standard set by the government.

Our machines, designed for impeccable road markings, deliver high level of operational efficiency. Our machines are easy to maneuver and are light in weight. We regularly introduce new models which have been upgraded with cutting-edge technology. Our cost-effective machines are available as per your unique specifications.

Features of our road marking machines:

  1. Versatile – Variety of choices for customers with different road marking requirements
  2. Machines with multiple heating methods
  3. Choose from automatic or manual ignition method
  4. Safe to use
  5. Sophisticated supply system for heating and ignition
  6. Exceptional feeding mechanism to avoid missing, blocking, easy damage, hard operation, etc.
  7. Durable, and attractive machines that serve every marking purpose
  8. Clutch beads dispenser to ensure that dispensing is controllable and adjustable.
  9. Ability to mark perfectly
  10. Exact dimensions
  11. Ability to withstand optimal pressure
  12. Robust build
  13. High tensile strength
  14. Can be easily operated

We cater to the needs of all our clients needing road markings. Just discuss your requirements with us and you will have a perfect road marking machine.

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