Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Asphalt batch mix plants, created by Kaushik Engineering Works, serve as ideal construction equipment utilized for manufacturing asphalt, through batch mixing, for constructing roads.

Kaushik & Cesan, a joint undertaking between Kaushik Engineering Works and Cesan A.S, was given form to cater to the needs of international clientele. With an aim to offer unmatched engineering, manufacturing, and production services, it has left a number of clients delighted. Kaushik Engineering Works, based in Ahmedabad, India, is a renowned manufacturer of asphalt and concrete plants. It has, in the recent past, joined hands with Cesan A.S, a Turkish leading mobile, and stationary asphalt plants manufacturer. This was done with an aim to strengthen the already existing product base which involved manufacturing asphalt batch mix plants of high capacity and international standards at its base in India. It plans to sell this newly strengthened product line under the banner of Kaushik Cesan Equipments India Pvt Ltd.

Asphalt batch mix plants manufactured by Kaushik Engineering Works are revered as number one in the industry. When it comes to quality, durability, and efficiency, Kaushik’s asphalt batching plants stand out. With different types of asphalt batching plants available with us, you can be assured that you can meet all your batch mixing needs required to be fulfilled during different types of construction.

Undertaking comprehensive research on the latest technologies, Kaushik Engineering excels in creating quality batch-mixing equipment. You can get asphalt batching plants in different sizes and configurations. Our customized asphalt batch mix plants are marked for their efficiency, ease of operation, and low maintenance.


  • Made from special alloy materials to endure against heat and abrasion.
  • Special drying flight design for uniform transfer of heat to all different sizes of aggregates.
  • Driven by a 4-wheel pulley or chain sprocket.
  • Hardening provides a long life of ring and pulley materials.
  • Perfect design of bucket to provide homogenous heat transfer to all aggregates.
  • Easy maintenance of bucket systems.
  • Maximum heat transfer and high efficiency are provided via the special design of the burner and inner parts of the dryer.
  • All kind of fluids, natural gas and LPG can be used.
  • Air/fuel ratio, flame length, suction etc. are controlled by automation from control cabin.
  • Complete combustion provides low NOX, CO emission, high efficiency and low fuel consumption
  • Safe operation
  • Rail system provides easy maintenance and repair
  • Mixing Palettes witch is produced by Ni-Hard 4 or high manganese cast material is long life guaranteed.
  • Perfect asphalt with 25-30 sec mixing time.
  • Gates with pneumatic control.
  • Aggregate, filler and foreign fine materials are weighed seperately.
  • Weighing system with load-cells for bitumen
  • Optional 4/5/6 horizontal decks
  • Driving is done by vibrator or eccentric weight system
  • Tension, Perfect inclination and homogeneous load distribution provide trouble-free capacity
  • Perfect inner design that prevents the mixing of different sizes of materials
  • Easy changeable sieves, useful doors platforms It can be used as by-pass by means of 0-5 compartment of sieving machine
  • Weighted type tension system.
  • Interlocking for reverse motion of chain and buckets.
  • Special dust protection design of bearings
  • Human sized easy maintenance clams.
  • Large Maintenance platforms
  • Wearing plates protects the buckets agaisnt abrasion
Filler Silo
  • Double silo system for recovered filler and foreign filler material flows fitted separately to the weighing unit
  • Rotary Valve is designed for balanced discharging
  • Pneumatic shock is designed for easy flow
  • Close circuit working system
Bitumen Tanks
  • Protection of heat for a long time, perfect isolation
  • Jacketed piping
  • Bitumen feeding system with pneumatic 3 way
  • Thermal-oil coil system valve
  • It can be connected each other by 3 way valves
  • Heat control via by thermostatic valves
  • Level indicators
  • Jacketed bitumen pump
Thermic Fluid Heater
  • 3,00,000 – 15,00,000 kcal/h capacities
  • Can be used separately from control cabin
  • Can be run or run out by automatic min-max temperature control time
  • High-low pressure control
  • Level gauge for thermal-oil. /voiced and lightened warning system
  • Thermal circulation pump
  • High Efficiency
Bag House Filter
  • Nomex Filter Bags are durable to 200oC temperature. Fresh air system works at higher temprature than 200oC
  • System works automatically and controlled from control cabin.
  • Under 20Mg/M3 emission is suitable with respect to world standard.
  • Compact, less Volume with bigger filteration area.
  • Reusing of coarse material which are taken from re-seperator and reusing fine materials which are taken from filter
  • Low operation cost & long life.
Cold Aggregate Bin Feeders Conveyor Belts
  • Proven performance under harsh conditions.
  • Frequency-Controlled sensitive dosing.
  • Trouble-free flow.
  • Vibrator for easy flow of fine material.
  • Process can be controlled and followed from control cabin simultaneously
  • Grid used to prevent passing of coarse material.
  • Total proportional control for flexibility and accuracy.

Our quality asphalt batch mix plants help contractors develop hot mix asphalt with the use of a discontinuous process coupled with perfectly weighing technology. If you want to go for hassle-free, easy-to-operate, and high-performance batch-mixing equipment, then go for our batch-mixing plants. With low operating costs and moderate cost of spare parts, you can ensure cost-effectiveness with our batch mix plants.

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