Model KEW 3000 KEW 4000 KEW 6000 KEW 10000
Capacity 3000 Ltrs 4000 Ltrs 6000 Ltrs 10000 Ltrs

* Higher capacity plants are available on specific enquiry.

Bitumen Pressure Distributer

KAUSHIK Bitumen Sprayers / Bitumen Pressure Distributor is provided in the form of a truck mounted, self-propelled along with the appropriate heating system and variable spray bar. It is designed to operate on a consistent pressure system, complete with an air compressor, bitumen pump, auxiliary engine, tank mounting, and other accessories. It offers constant-rate applications of hot bitumen or cold tar.

Bitumen Sprayer comes equipped with a unique Pressure Cleaning System (PCS) which helps clean the system once it is used. Cleaning it after use ensures that it doesn’t get clogged. You can also use it with bitumen emulsion. Trolley-mounted versions are provided on demand if you need it instead of a truck-mounted one.

Bitumen Sprayers, manufactured by Kaushik Engineering Works, meet the latest technology standards and site requirements. Fit for a realistic work routine, our bitumen sprayers ensure accurate binder dosage for the best quality surface treatment.

Our bitumen sprayer stands out due to the perfect dosage which delivers consistent and accurate results. Completely equipped with measuring instruments and sophisticated control technology, our bitumen sprayers deliver high efficiency along with cost-effectiveness.

The technology we use to make bitumen sprayers ensures high efficiency and application on large areas with superior quality.

Utilizing sensor-controller dosing, the needed quantities of binding agents are fulfilled without any confinement on the total working width. With computer control, all the necessary technical data, including spray pressure and air and soil temperature, humidity, etc. can be saved using GPS coordinates for further analysis. Our creative low-pressure spraying technology which brings down the spray mist ensures environmentally conscious use of the equipment. Using our bitumen sprayer, impregnations, pre-spray work or special construction methods can also be accomplished. Our consciously designed handling and control makes the machine very easy to use and ensures safety at work. By selecting different equipment options, you can use the bitumen sprayer to meet your unique requirements.


  • Fully – Insulated Tank with High Efficiency Heating System
  • Air Cooled Diesel Engine & Positive Displacement Gear Pump
  • Designed to Stuff Standard Truck Chassis
  • Safe & Easy in Operation
  • Hand Spray System
  • Unique Pressure Cleaning System
  • Totally Factory Tested, Arrives Ready to Launch
Sprayer- Engine Detail

2″ x 2″, 350 Lpm, Positive Displacement Gear Pump.

Twin Cylindered, 3HP, 360 LPM Capacity With Working Pressure of 9 Kg/cm2

Powered By A 25HP Air Cooled Diesel Engine

Spray Bar and Nozzles

Standard Width: 2.4 M.
Adjustable Extension Bar For Spraying Width up to 4.2 M.
Nozzle Distance: 225mm Nozzle c/c.
Pneumatically Operated Nozzles For Spray Bar Controlling.
With Hand Torch Burner
Unique Pressure Cleaning System

Bitumen Heating & Storage
  • Fully – Insulated Tank with High Efficiency Heating System
  • Designed to Stuff Standard Truck Chassis
  • Totally Factory Tested, Arrives Ready to Launch
  • Trolley mounted versions can be made available in place of Truck mounted.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bitumen Pressure Distributor

What are Bitumen Pressure Distributors Used for?

Bitumen pressure distributors are used to uniformly spread hot asphalt cement before the asphalt mix is laid out. Our bitumen pressure distributors are consistent and can deliver accurate results. You can choose the model that best suits your needs.

Is the Sprayer Equipped with a Measurement System?

Yes, our bitumen pressure distributors are equipped with a measurement system and sophisticated control technology to help enhance your process efficiency along with cost-effectiveness. You can contact our experts to learn more about our bitumen pressure distributors.

Are Your Bitumen Pressure Distributors Safe to Use?

Yes, we have designed our bitumen pressure distributors to help you consciously handle and control the system safely and efficiently. You can use various accessories such as a bitumen pump, auxiliary engine, and others to help you complete the process faster and more effectively.

What Does the Bitumen Heating and Storage Contain?

Our equipment comes with a tank for storage and a spraying system to uniformly spray the bitumen on the road. We have exclusively designed the equipment to stuff standard truck chassis. Our equipment comes with a fully insulated tank and a high-efficiency heating system.

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