Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Nigeria

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant NigeriaRoads are our lifelines as they connect us to all kinds of places. Places big or small, city or village, shops or malls, roads are everywhere. But have you ever thought about what helps people build roads with such ease? Well, it’s the road construction machine which does all the work for us. So clearly we can say that behind every successful road, there is an equally successful road construction equipment manufacturer. There are various types of machines involved in the process of making roads. We, at Kaushik Engineering Works, have the concrete mixer, road levelers, pressure distributor, and so on. These machines not only save a lot of manual effort but also save a lot of time.

Here there are all different kinds of machines which make your work easier. Not only do our people work passionately but also treat their customers on a high-priority basis thus letting the customer feel comfortable when working with us. The roots of the machine are in Ahmadabad and have been branching out to various countries as well. To facilitate the process of road construction there are various steps and for each step, there is a need for a different kind of machine altogether.

Talking about the products, including asphalt batch mix plants in Nigeria, that we as a company have to offer are the following-

1.  Three different kinds of mixers

After the leveling of the roads has been done properly then comes the main construction machine into play and that is the mixing machine which mixes all the ingredients together. The ingredients are binders, fillers, and aggregates.

  • Stationary Asphalt Drum Mix Machines:- These are well-established machines that don’t have the mobility factor attached to them.
  • Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Machines:- These machine plants are located in Kenya and Bangladesh as well.
  • Asphalt Batch Mix Machines:- This machine plant has its branches out in Nigeria.

2. Wet Mix Macadam Machine which is used to prepare the base and the sub-base of the road the other instrument that comes into use.

3. Concrete batching machines are used to make sure that the concrete sets well and is poured properly on the ground.

4. The Bitumen pressure distributor comes into the role when the concrete is on the ground and we need to make sure that it is properly leveled up and that there are no bumps on the road.

5. The road marking machine comes into role once the road is made. The division of the road is done with the help of yellow or white paint.

6. It’s also our prime duty to maintain the cleanliness of the road well and specifically for this process they have a hydraulic road sweeper. This not only clears out the extra concrete but is also very helpful in trashing out all kinds of other wastes as well.

Why Go For Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Nigeria From Kaushik Engineering Works?

The process of building a road is not only very technical but also time-consuming. You should always make sure that not only the products but also the machines are from reputed companies like ours. These machines are pretty expensive and so it’s better to invest in a good one which would stay with you for a longer time. Reliable material and machines are equally important and the name of the organization is attached to it.

Kaushik Engineering Works believes that it’s your super highway to build better roads. Furthermore, when we have so many global clients (from Poland to Kenya) attached to us it’s pretty obvious that our work is speaking out rightly for itself across the globe. It’s your chance now to join hands with India’s one of the leading brands in road construction machine manufactures and excels in the field with us.

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