An Overview of Bitumen Sprayers

Let us take a detailed look at one of the vital components of construction, Bitumen Sprayers.

Let us start with the fundamental question:

What is Bitumen?

Bitumen is a blend of various liquids that are black and highly viscous. It is soluble in carbon disulfide. It is mainly made up of condensed polycyclic hydrocarbons that are aromatic.

In the engineering jargon, it is also known as asphalt cement or asphalt.

Now that you are aware of what bitumen is let us discuss the bitumen sprayers in depth.

Bitumen Sprayers

What is Bitumen Sprayer?

Also known as Asphalt Distributor or Bitumen Sprayer Distributor, a bitumen sprayer is an essential and indispensable part of a road contractor’s fleet of machines. It aids in the spraying of bitumen in a controlled manner.

Qualities of a Good Bitumen Sprayer

A good bitumen sprayer must have the following:

  • It should operate on consistent pressure.
  • It should provide hot bitumen as per the requirements at a constant rate.
  • It should be self-propelled.
  • It must have an appropriate heating system.

What are the Various Components of a Bitumen Sprayer?

The various elements of a bitumen sprayer are listed below:

Chassis or Framework of the Sprayer

It depends on the chassis of the truck. In other words, the width of the truck chassis defines the width of the sprayer chassis. Further, the main tank and spraying unit are installed in the truck.

Bitumen Sprayer Tank

The tank is one of the significant parts of a bitumen sprayer and is responsible for holding the bitumen, apart from heating it whenever required. It is installed in the main chassis and occupies a vast space. It consists of the following:

  • The sprayer tank is welded to avoid any leakage and is fabricated accordingly.
  • A sheet of glass wool is present to provide insulation and prevent loss of heat.
  • The tank’s outer sheet is galvanized to protect against corrosion.
  • It has an internal coil to provide the required heat.
  • It has an opening through which the tank is filled.
  • A temperature gauge, both, manual and electrical, is provided.
  • For ease of access, a ladder is present, along with a cork for draining out the contents of the tank.

Burner Unit

It helps to heat the contents of the tank. So it must be of high quality and capable of heating the tank’s contents quickly. It also has a small hand burner which is beneficial in case of clogging in cold weather.

Pump Air Compressor

Both, the air compressor and bitumen pump are driven by the engine. Bitumen pump is responsible for the speed at which the tank gets filled.

Spraying System

It mainly consists of the bars responsible for spraying and other parts which aid in the opening and closing of the nozzles.

Cleaning System

The cleaning system should be efficient and of superior quality. For instance, our Bitumen Sprayer is equipped with a distinct Pressure Cleaning System (PCS). It ensures that the equipment doesn’t clog after using it.
This sums up our discussion about Bitumen Sprayers/Bitumen Pressure Distributor.

We, Kaushik Engineering Works, are one of the well-known bitumen sprayer manufacturers. If you have any queries regarding the equipment like bitumen sprayer specifications, or the related cost, please contact us.


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