Everything You Need to Know About Hot Mix Plants

There are several varieties of hot mix plants and road construction machines available in the market. With so many options to choose from you may get confused about which product suits you the best. Here’s a quick guide to help you zero down on the product you require for your construction needs.

Hot Mix Plants

Hot Mix Plants

Construction machine manufacturers make mobile asphalt hot mix plants in two types: batch type and drum type. You will find the most popular products in the capacities between 40 to 60 tph or 80-160 tph. The smaller models are usually the most preferred among both as they quickly produce smaller batches. The larger ones offer mobility and are usually put into use for larger constructions.

Types of Hot Mix Plants

Continuous Drum Mix Plants

Continuous drum mix plants are more compact road construction machines and offer portability which makes them quite popular. The continuous drum mix plants manufactured by Kaushik Engineering Works are compliant to the latest M.O.R.T.H. and offer trouble free performance and superior fuel efficiency. Drum mix plants are usually designed to be containerised so that transportation is easy and quick.

The chassis in a continuous drum mix plant comes with the option of being easily fixed to any mover with a king pin. Kaushik Engineering Works offers mobile asphalt drum mix plants in the following capacities:

MDM -25 Standard Configuration and MDM-45 With Pollution Control Unit.

Kaushik Engineering Works, the leading construction equipment manufacturer in India, also provides you the option of purchasing stationary drum mixing plants. You can choose from KEW-45 with the capacity of 40-60 tph; KEW-50 with the capacity of 60-90 tph; KEW-60 with the capacity of 90-120 tph and KEW -65 with the capacity of 120-150 tph. Kaushik Engineering Works also offers higher capacity plants, about which you can enquire directly with the company.

Portable Batch Mix Plants

A batch hot mix plant produces hot mix in batches. It also comes with a containerized design and is a popular choice among road constructors due to the freedom of mobility that it uses. These type of plants can be installed easily in a few days and used anywhere. Furthermore, for these plants there is hardly any requirement for civil foundation and these plants can produce high quality hot mix.

Benefits of Purchasing Mobile Hot Asphalt Mixing Plants

Mobile hot mix plants are extremely popular among road construction companies because of the high quality mix that they produce. The other factor that contributes to their popularity is their mobility.
Mobile hot mix plants work well with small, medium and large scale projects. They come in a wide range of sizes and configurations, which allow you to pick a specific product that will fit into your requirements. They can be installed quickly and offer the flexibility in terms of batch sizes.

Finding the right hot mix plant needs adequate research and consultations. Make sure you check out catalogues from different construction equipment manufacturers before making up your mind. You can even set up a consultation meeting and understand the product and its features better to understand if the product meets your requirements.

Reach Out for High Quality Road Construction Material

From asphalt plants to ancillary products, Kaushik Engineering Works are construction equipment manufacturers. For information on hot mix plants or concrete batching plants, you can reach out to us by calling +91-9825164764. We would be happy to help!


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