Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant in Saudi Arabia

Asphalt concrete comes with many names like bitumen, blacktop or just asphalt. While it has different names, its uses are also versatile ranging from construction of different kinds of roads to pavements, parking lots, etc. Most of these applications of asphalt involve what is known as hot mix asphalt concrete which forms a surface over a foundation of concrete. Perhaps you might have seen a road or a pavement being constructed and the workers would be using a very hot black sticky liquid to coat the surface of the road. That is hot mix asphalt concrete. Since, a foundation of concrete and a surface of hot mix asphalt are the two main components of road construction, the associated procedures of making both materials that are concrete curing and asphalt mixing are also critical for the construction of any road.

Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant in Saudi ArabiaNot only in road construction but almost anywhere concrete is used, it undergoes a process known as concrete curing to increase its strength and hence the durability of the construction. Asphalt mixing, on the other hand, involves a procedure to produce hot mix asphalt concrete which has a wide range of applications from the construction of roads to landfills, ponds, reservoirs, etc. Asphalt mixing involves mixing components like sand, gravel, cement, etc with asphalt and other additives at high temperatures in an asphalt mixing plant to produce hot mix asphalt. Here, asphalt mix plants play an important role in the overall construction process as improperly mixed or produced hot asphalt doesn’t produce durable results. Depending on the requirements of a specific project, different types of asphalt mix plants are used to produce the desired results.

Kaushik Engineering Works is one of the most trusted names when it comes to mobile asphalt drum batch mix plants. With clients spread all across the globe, Kaushik Engineering Works supplies mobile asphalt drum batch mix plants in Nigeria as well as Kenya and Brazil. They also have clients who use their mobile asphalt drum mix plant in Saudi Arabia.

There are Two Main Types of Asphalt Mixing Plants:

Batch Mix Plant

Available in both stationary and mobile forms, asphalt batch mix plants are mostly used in their stationary form as only one batch of hot mix asphalt can be produced at a time. The batch is then taken to the worksite while the batch mix plant is started again to produce the next batch. The production of hot mix asphalt in these plants is done in a rotary drum which heats as well as dries the aggregates as per the requirement. Before being mixed in the rotary drum, aggregates are heated and then weighed and screened in separate hot bins to ensure proper proportions of each component.

Advantages of Batch Mix Plants:

  • Available in a wide range of sizes and configurations including customized, stationary as well as mobile versions, batch mix these plants make it easier to find a plant that suits your requirements.
  • The finished product is of superior quality and these plants offer a high level of flexibility in terms of production.
  • The size and speed of batch production depend on both the size of the mixing plant as well as the type of production. But, the average time for producing one batch ranges from 40-50 seconds.
  • Makes working with various clients at the same time easier as the specification of the product can be changed as per client requirement after every batch, thus saving time as well as effort.

Drum Mix Plant

The typical feature of this type of mobile asphalt drum mix plant is that every process starting from drying to heating as well as mixing of aggregates with the binder takes place in the same drum. While all the aggregates are being mixed in the drum, more aggregates and binders are being continuously fed to the mixing plant while at the same time, hot mix asphalt is continuously coming out of the drum for usage. These types of mobile drum mix plants make continuous production and application of hot mix possible as the production is not separated into batches. Instead, it is continuous.

The advantages of Drum Mix Plant are:

  • It comes in a mobile version only and is extremely easy to set up and start production.
  • The biggest advantage of these types of mixing plants is that they don’t always require a concrete foundation.
  • Shortest production time for hot mix.
  • Tends to consume less power than its batch mix equivalent.
  • Continuous production ensures accuracy as only the required amount can be made, thus preventing wastage
  • Since it is mobile, one of its key advantages is its portability through easy dismantling and moving.
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