How Does an Asphalt Plant Work?

Asphalt plants are a set of construction equipment used to prepare asphalt mix, which is used in a variety of uses in the construction industry. Aggregates and bitumen are blended to produce the asphalt mix. This mix is then enhanced with additives and mineral fillers, after which it is applied for the construction of pavements of highways, parking lots, airport expressways, and road construction. This makes asphalt plants an integral part that produces construction products for the industry. Here’s a quick guide on asphalt plants, their types, and their working.

Asphalt Plant Work

Types of Asphalt Plants

Asphalt plants are usually of four types:

Batch Mix Plants: Asphalt batch mix plants as the name suggests prepare asphalt mix in batches. This type of asphalt plant is also called an intermittent or discontinuous type plant. Kaushik Engineering Works is one of the most trusted construction machine manufacturers and offers some of the best batch mix plants you can find in the industry.

Drum Mix Plants: These plants are also called the continuous type as they provide a continuous supply of asphalt mix. The drum mix plants from Kaushik Engineering Works – a reputed construction equipment manufacturer – are quite popular because of their high value for money and productivity.

Mobile Asphalt Plants: This type of mobile concrete is portable. They are best used when the mix needs to be transported across locations. They are quick to reassemble and can be easily moved from one location to another. For example, the mobile asphalt plant by Kaushik Engineering Works comes with four different capacities, highly productive and extremely safe. So if you are looking for a construction equipment manufacturer who can offer you highly efficient a mobile concrete batching plant, Kaushik Engineering Works is your go-to!

Asphalt Recycling Plants: These plants can recycle reclaimed asphalt pavement using hot recycling technology. Post recycling, they produce a fresh batch of asphalt mix that can be used for construction purposes.

How Does an Asphalt Plant Work?

An asphalt plant follows a systematic procedure that starts with the addition of the specified amount of cold aggregates and ends with the discharge of the final mix into the waiting truck. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to help you understand this process easily:

Step 1: Feeding Cold Aggregates

There are separate bins for the addition of cold aggregates. The particle size of each additive is specified to ensure uniformity in the mixture.

Step 2: Transfer of Ingredients to the Drying Drum

A conveyor belt is placed below the bins which transfer the material to an inclined conveyor belt.

Step 3: Transfer to the Screening System

After passing through the drying drum, the material becomes hot and dry. This material is then transported through an elevator into the screening system.

Step 4: Segregation As Per Size

These materials, in the asphalt plant, are then segregated into different bins based on their size by multiple-layer vibrating screens.

Step 5: Storage in Separate Bins

The materials are then stored in separate bins based on their size below the vibrating screen.

Step 6: Release into the Mixer

This mixture is then released into the mixer bowl in the asphalt plant. The weight released into the mixer is as per the dosing weights set on the control panel.

Step 7: Additives Released into the Mixer

Simultaneously, bitumen and other mineral fillers are released into the mixer bowl at the specified weight.

Step 8: Discharge of Final Mix

The additives are then processed in the asphalt plant for 20 minutes and then discharged into a truck or silo.

You may find several options for asphalt plants. But how do you know you are making the right choice? For expert advice, you can connect with Kaushik Engineering Works – the leading name for construction equipment.

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