The preferred striper for professional contractors who demand unmatched hydraulic power

Increased performance along with the exclusive Auto-Layout System makes the LineLazer 200HS the preferred striper for professional contractors who demand unmatched hydraulic power. Materials sprayed are most heavy, low VOC, waterborne and rubberized traffic paints. This sprayer is ideal for your continuous, heavy-duty line striping requirements, parking lot and road layout jobs.

  • Finish striping jobs faster – 30% faster with walk behind stripers and 50% faster using the LineDriver.
  • Less hassle, less fatigue – no bending to mark the lines and read a tape measure.
  • Pin point accuracy – accurate to 1/4 inch at 100 feet.
  • Take the pain out of layout – no more tape measures, calculating errors, guessing, sore backs, wasted energy, or missed opportunities.
  • New Digital Display now shows psi, mph, mils-instant average, lineal foot, gallons and mils-total – all on one screen!
  • Gun – Flex Plus
  • Hose – 3/8 in x 50ft – (9.5mm x 15 m) – BlueMax II Airless
  • Tip – LineLazer RAC 5 SwitchTip
  • Filter – 60 Mesh Easy Out
  • Type – QuickChange System
  • Intake – QuickAccess
  • Rod – Chromex
  • Cylinder – Hardener SST
  • Packings – V-Max Blue
  • Max Tip: .047 (one gun), .034 (two gun)
  • Max psi/bar: 3300/227
  • Max gpm/lpm: 2.15/8.14
  • Weight lbs/kg: 277/125
  • Engine: Honda 160 cc
  • Auto-Layout
  • Fuel Capacity gal (trs) – 0.95 (3.6)


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