Qualities of An Efficient Bitumen Sprayer

Commonly known as an Asphalt Distributor, a Bitumen Sprayer is responsible for a controlled and evenly spraying of bitumen on the surface of the project area, before laying the hot mix asphalt. These machines are indispensable for a constructor as they can be used for the purpose of repairs or new build. As the role of this equipment is substantial to a constructor, it becomes important to pick a high-quality Bitumen Sprayer, to have an effortless completion of a project.

There are different companies that offer Bitumen Suppliers in India but not all are trustworthy. Thus, to choose the most suitable bitumen sprayer, you need to understand the specifications of a quality Bitumen Sprayer.

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Qualities Of Bitumen Sprayer

The most crucial aspect of a Bitumen Sprayer is the tank. It helps to store and heat the bitumen when required while spraying it evenly on the surface. While the spraying is in the process, the tank will be mounted on the truck chassis and moved along the project area.

Below are the qualities of our Bitumen Sprayer, which delivers the finest performance that makes Kaushik Engineering Works, the best among other bitumen suppliers.

1. Burner Unit

There are many Bitumen Sprayer manufacturers who ignore the importance of a Burner Unit. A burner unit is responsible for heating the components present in the tank, quickly. This is widely used in places that witness cold climates where there are higher chances of the bitumen getting clogged or in the absence of proper cleaning of spraying lines.

2. Sprayer Chassis

The size and width of the sprayer chassis depend on the size and width of the truck chassis as the bitumen sprayer will be mounted on it. The sprayer will then be mounted on the client’s vehicle in the project area.

3. Engine

The engine is responsible for driving the bitumen air compressor and pump. Our engine has a comparatively low fuel consumption and provides performance that is incomparable.

4. Air Compressor and Bitumen Pump

The engine drives the Air compressor and the Bitumen Pump. It is highly effective as it helps with the fast-filling of a tank.

5. Spraying System

Our Spraying System has the following specifications:

  • A standard width of 2.4 meters.
  • An extension bar (adjustable)- for a spraying width of about 4.2 meters.
  • A nozzle distance of 225mm
  • Spray Bar Controlling through pneumatically operated nozzles
  • Distinctive pressure cleaning system

6. Testing Before Dispatch

We test the Bitumen Sprayer before dispatch. This gives us our clients, a complete quality check on their purchase. While testing, we filled the tank with water (to check for any leakages) and sprayed it on a surface (to test the coverage of the machine).

These components, when configured together create Kaushik Engineering Works’ high-quality Bitumen Sprayer that never fails to surpass our clients’ expectations.

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Meet your unique requirements with our custom-made bitumen sprayers that fasten the construction process while being truly efficient as equipment. Contact us now to learn more about our Bitumen Sprayer.


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