How Does an Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Operate

The asphalt drum mix plant is also called a continuous mixing plant. Unlike a batch mixing plant that produces hot mixes in batches, continuous mixing plants mix and produce material without stops. If you are looking for information to understand the workings of an asphalt drum mix plant, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you understand its operation better.

Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Operate

Step 1: Aggregates are Loaded into Cold Feed Bins

The first step is to load the aggregates into the cold feed bins. These bins have different sizes and deliver the aggregate to the drying drum. Each bin is equipped with adjustable gates that control the flow of material into them.

Step 2: Single Deck Vibrating Screen

After being loaded into the cold feed bins, the material is passed through the single-deck vibrating screen. The screen separates oversized aggregates in the drum mix plant and prevents them from entering the drying drum.

Step 3: Weighing Conveyor

The weighing conveyor transfers the sifted aggregates into the drying drum. This conveyor is fitted with a load cell unit which helps in weighing the aggregates. The information loaded on the load cell is sent to the control panel.

Step 4: Drying and Mixing Drum

On reaching the drying drum of the asphalt drum mix plant, the aggregates are dried and mixed. The rotating drum is fitted with flights that dry the mix in the first half of the drum. Once the material moves to the second half of the drum, it is mixed with bitumen and filler material.

Step 5: Fuel Tank for Drum Burner

The fuel tank of the drum burner is an integral component of the asphalt drum mix plant. The tank stores and provides fuel to the drum burner.

Step 6: Asphalt Storage Tanks

The storage tanks store and heat asphalt so that it can be used in the drum mixer for mixing with hot aggregates.

Step 7: Filler Silo

The filler silo supplies the binding material to the drum mixer. This material is added as per requirement in the mix.

Step 8: Pollution Control Devices

Pollution control is an aspect that is considered a priority in the construction business. The asphalt drum mix plant is also fitted with two types of pollution control devices. The first among the two is the Dry Dust Collector which traps heavy particles sucked up from the drum. The second device is the wet dust collector. This filter is a secondary filter and traps the finer dust particles that escape the dry filter.

Step 9: Load Out Conveyor

Once processed, the mix is transferred to the load-out conveyor. The conveyor collects the hot mix asphalt and transfers it into a small hopper or storage silo, from where it is loaded onto trucks for delivery at construction sites.

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