Best Energy Saving Tips for Asphalt Plant Manufacturers

A mix hot Asphalt company spends around Rs. 2,80,87,950 annually on the production of 100,000 tons of asphalt material and that too for drying and heating only. The primary reason behind the excessive expenses is that the asphalt plant manufacturers do not put much attention to its care. Asphalt plant management and asphalt production are thought to be as passive expense for an asphalt manufacturer company and therefore, the manufacturer ignores the serious expenses.

Nevertheless! Those were the things of past. Now we are going through the technologically advanced era. Therefore, a little care can save a huge amount of money every year. So, let’s find out how things turn out in your favour. Here are the top tips and tricks.

Hot Mix Asphalt plant

One of the biggest loopholes in the classic Hot Mix Asphalt plant is its “jumper” hoss or tank which is left uninsulated. That is the significant source of heat loss. Inadequately insulated tanks are enough to ruin the economic condition of a company. Therefore, the first thing you should do is to install the latest HMA plant made of cutting-edge technology and save a big amount of money every year.

The latest innovation is highly optimized and it is made of closed cell silicone sponge rubber. That provides complete insulation protection due to its low conductivity. In short, the newest HMA plant can save you around Rs. 414,000 per operating season.

Save on Dryer

Apart from hot mix operation, hundreds of dollar spent on dryer every year. So, you should find a solution to reduce the cost of dryer consumption. Here’s how.

You must think about keeping the space, where aggregates are kept, moisture free. That is possible when you avoid stockpiling the aggregates unnecessarily. The better would be if you, being an asphalt plant manufacturers, purchase the aggregate at the right time keeping the space in your mind. In a simple sentence, purchase the aggregate as per space you have to stockpile them avoiding overloading the space. You can take help of technicians for keeping the space more moisture free.

Save on Electricity

Electricity consumption can vary depending on the workload and how frequently a plant starts or stops. The frequent start-stop process can significantly consume high electricity bill than to a plant operating in a continuous way. So, two things can be done to save on electricity bills.

First, make sure that the plant operates in a continuous manner. Prepare all process which requires to be done prior to the plant starts so that you may not have to stop the plant quite frequently.

Second, install technologically advanced equipment for an asphalt plant. Most of asphalt plant manufacturers believe that the newest technology has helped them save significant amount money on electricity bill. The latest machines work on fewer screw conveyors that results in bestowing soft-start appliances on the main motors. You will see the output in monthly electricity bill.

In short, the more you pay attention to your plant, the better you save. So, there can be some other ways as well which you can apply to save money.


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