What are the Factors that Affect the Cost of a Batching Plant?

Concrete batching plants are inevitable parts of the construction industry. They are responsible for concrete mixing which is the backbone of the construction industry. Concrete batching plants can be expensive so you need to be careful about the pricing before purchasing one. Several factors affect the cost of a concrete batching plant. Here’s a look at all the factors that can lead to a spike in the cost of a concrete batching plant.

concrete batching plant

  • Materials

The type of material used in construction depends largely on the geography of the place. So if you choose to buy a concrete batching plant that can work with a wide variety of raw materials, the cost of your batching plant could go up.

  • Type of the Batching Plant

There are different types of batching plants. You can choose either from stationary batching plants or mobile batching plants. Stationary batching plants are suitable for large-scale construction. On the other hand, mobile batching plants are ideal for small or medium-scale construction. Depending on the type of batching plant you choose, the price will vary.

  • Shipping Costs

Depending on where you purchase your batching plant, the cost of the unit varies. If you purchase the unit from a distant location, the shipping costs will add to the cost of the unit.

  • Demand & Supply

One of the most obvious factors, the cost of a concrete batching plant depends on the demand and supply dynamics in the market. If the demand is high and the supply is low, the cost of the batching plant could increase exponentially.

  • Brand Value

The brand value reflects the cost of a concrete batching plant. If you are purchasing a concrete batching plant from a reputed brand, you know that the quality is guaranteed. The price of a batching plant from a reputed brand is at least 30 percent higher than that of an ordinary batching plant.

  • Price of Steel

The core structure of a concrete batching plant is made of steel. Hence, the price of steel is a major factor that impacts the cost of a concrete batching plant. You can check the costs of steel before deciding to purchase the batching plant.

  • After-Sales Services

If the company that you are purchasing the concrete is providing you with after-sales services, the cost of the concrete batching plant could be on the higher side. Units that come with no after-sales services will be cheaper.

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