Safety Tips to Follow When Using Heavy Construction Equipment

Staying safe while handling heavy equipment must be everyone’s lookout. And therefore, it is incredibly vital to share important information on construction equipment safety tips. Certain companies that hold the highest safety records have a corporate ethic where safety is the number one priority. As a team, they create their safety record on a behavioural-based study. They encourage workers to commit themselves to safety rather than forcefully adhering to what is written in the safety regulations.

Safety-minded construction companies encourage all on-site workers to identify/install safety barriers. All workers on site must work as a team and communicate all workplace hazards in detail to educate each other on heavy machinery risks.

Safety and security is always an ongoing process to recognise and control potential hazards. Always remember that situations may change on a site as work progresses. It is very crucial to communicate the changes witnessed or felt. However, there are still several situations where workers face the same challenges daily. To help on-site combat problems better, here are a few proven and tested safety tips that will surely benefit all those operating heavy construction equipment.

Heavy Construction Equipment

Use Prompt Communication Signals

Many construction sites prefer radio communication between heavy machine operators and on-site support workers for quick connection. Being aware of what others are doing and communicating even minor changes on site is a must for safety. There’s nothing better than a verbal exchange since it clarifies all doubts on one. However, radios cannot be trusted completely. Displayed gestures and hand signals are also fail-safe communication strategies that people can opt for.

Identify and Barricade a Danger Zone

Identifying and barricading a danger/hazardous region effectively communicates potential hazards to anyone who approaches construction equipment. Your self-flagged danger zone can be anywhere on the construction site, so be careful to mark it out properly. It’s best to mark the danger zone with helium lights/stickers to be visible at all times and from afar. Or, you also use barricades/fences to mark out the region. Simple signage is enough to connote which area is off-limits.

Be Alert When On-site

Being alert on-site is the first protocol for safety. Workers and engineers who are vigilant at all times and carefully execute their tasks are far less likely to cause or get involved in a mishap. A highly dedicated and alert team of workers must ensure everyone’s safety on site. Common signs of inattentiveness can be fatigue, stress, sleep deprivation, complacency, and recklessness. Safety experts claim that common distractions can contribute to 95% of construction site accidents. It is hard to imagine that such minor issues can cause accidents, but it is true. Before commencing your work on a construction site, brief your team on the problems mentioned above and ensure they keep a check on each other too.

Install Entrances and Exits for Clarity

It’s best to demarcate and organise a proper entrance and exit to avoid confusion on site. Since heavy construction equipment will be used in the area, it will be wise if everyone present on site knows where to exit in case of emergencies. You must ensure that the entry and exit path is free of slips, trips, and any machinery. Mark out the zones and rigidly enforce the entrance and exit signs.

Inspect Your Heavy Construction Equipment Regularly

Every heavy equipment operator must abide by the responsibility to inspect their machine regularly. They must not be complacent on their part. There should always be a pre-start assessment to detect and fix obvious issues when discovered. It helps to fix the problem before it gets out of hand.

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