The Future of Asphalt Drum Mix Plants: Trends and Predictions

The global market of asphalt drum mix plants is anticipated to increase considerably between 2023 and 2028. Until 2021, the market was growing at a steady rate, but with the rising adoptions of strategies by leading players, it is forecasted to grow with revolutionary changes.

The asphalt drum mix plant manufacturers are investing significant time and money in developing new solutions to meet customer demand and changing industry requirements. Also known as asphalt plants, these are facilities where the mixing of warm aggregate takes place at an optimum temperature to produce asphalt for road construction purposes.

Improving energy efficiency, quality of the mix, and reducing the cost of production have all become the normals at asphalt plants. And many other changes are predicted to evolve the road construction manufacturing industry.
The Future of Asphalt Drum Mix Plants: Trends and Predictions

The Rising Demand for Asphalt Drum Mix Plants

Asphalt plants are essential for road construction. As the construction and transportation industry is witnessing a rise, the global asphalt market is also set to meet the demand for creating bridges, tunnels, highways, and other structures.

Developing nations worldwide, including India, are substantially investing in road infrastructure, thereby expanding the market of asphalt mixing plants. In addition, commercial vehicle and passenger car sales are also anticipated to fuel the expansion. There is an increasing demand for asphalt plants in India, China, Japan, Germany, the UAE, and the US. This leads to various development initiatives by asphalt drum mix plant manufacturers.

Challenges Faced by the Market Expansion

The environmental risk issues, such as the rising pollution level from asphalt mixing, limit the market expansion. Toxic organic and inorganic emissions are likely to hinder growth. In addition, the high maintenance and operating costs of asphalt plants are further creating obstacles.

However, the low running costs and reduced spare parts pricing are expected to encourage expansion. To mitigate the environmental risks, asphalt drum mix plant manufacturers such as Kaushik Engineering Works are focusing on R&D to come up with sustainable solutions.

Trends to Watch in 2023 & Further

Compact Size

Ease of transportation and faster commissioning are the need of the hour, resulting in the development of compact plants that are easy to ship in standard-size containers and transported to the sites in trucks. In general, these plants come with electric fittings. Hence, the installation just requires loading the containers, placing the plant in a suitable place, connecting the cables, and erecting the materials storage and transport units.

Modular Design

A modular design enables asphalt drum mix plant manufacturers to erect the plant according to a client’s requirements. A wide range of components is available to provide customization as needed. Additional containers, feed bins, material storage, conveyors, and even RAP feeds can be added or removed to match the specific installation needs.

Energy Efficiency

Sustainability is not all about manufacturing “greener” designs. Asphalt plants need to adapt to become more energy efficient in terms of the amount of fuel they use. Standard fuels such as liquid gas, natural gas, heavy oil, heating oil, and pulverized lignite are used in the plant. Many burners can combust multiple fuel types, which enables clients to switch to the fuel that offers them ecological and economic advantages.

Smarter Systems

Asphalt drum mix plant manufacturers must adapt to new designs that appeal to the next generation of workers. They need to make more data-driven and user-friendly equipment that is technologically more advanced. Thus, a shift is being witnessed with more IT infrastructure sensors and mobile information platforms, which are still in their infancy.

Sensors with built-in web servers can relay live status, adjust settings, and offer analysis. Integrating more sensors improves control of the production process. In addition, mobile apps with the ability to control asphalt plants remotely will become the new normal for operators. Eventually, this may also enable operators to control multiple asphalt plants from a central location. This advancement will be vital as experienced operators retire and the new generation of employees are more technically inclined to fill up the positions.

Prepare for the Future

Adapting to change is inevitable in every industry. Thus, asphalt drum mix plant manufacturers are positioning themselves for success and preparing for the future. Especially when the key players are battling climate change, it becomes crucial to improve road construction plants in terms of sustainability and technology, as both together can provide better green solutions.

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Kaushik Engineering Works is one of India’s leading road construction equipment manufacturers. Our products are thoroughly inspected and tested for quality and reliability by our experienced team of engineers. Our asphalt plant is designed and manufactured to comply with the current M.O.R.T.H specifications, offering hassle-free performance with high fuel efficiency.

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