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The principal decision that must be made respects the two unique frameworks: continuous or batch production? What are the focal points that each of these two techniques offers?

The appropriate response is that there is no perfect choice. For each and every site and for each and every occupation necessity there is an alternate arrangement. Thus the decision relies upon cautious examination of all the ‘periphery components’ and the kind of yield that must be created.

Batch Plants

This is the most far-reaching kind of asphalt plant on the planet, which ensures the largest amount of adaptability. This sort of plant is an absolute necessity for producers who work for a few customers at the same time, in light of the fact that the particulars can be effectively changed while keeping up a  high-level state of value.

Continuous Plants

In Continuous plants there is no interference in the generation cycle. The mixing of the material happens inside the dryer drum. Since there are no blending pinnacle or lifts, the framework is hence extensively streamlined, with an ensuing decrease in the cost of support.

Aggregate Metering

The generation cycle starts with the cool feeders, where the aggregates are metered by volume. It is critical for the dampness content in the aggregates, especially the sand, to have a steady esteem which is persistently observed through successive research center tests.

The weighing, subsequently, in the measuring container is not affected by dampness or by variable factors, for example, variable climate conditions.

Moreover, in Asphalt Mixing Plant, the presence of the screen implies there is more exactness in the determination of materials before blending, therefore the nature of the completed item is more consistent. Errors are also avoided–, for example, large aggregates winding up by botch in the sand container or irregularities in the supply of aggregates, or conceivable blunders preset in the equation at the cold feeders.

Hence, in the determination of many countries, where quarries don’t uphold satisfactory and strict control strategies required for the creation of asphalt,  batch type plants are a mandatory prerequisite.

Bitumen Metering

In batch type asphalt plants the bitumen is metered by weight through load cells in the measuring container. The computer system guarantees that the correct amount is fed into the mixer, ascertained on the premise of the particulars and the genuine weight of the aggregates.

In continuous plants, the metering is for the most part volumetric through a liter-counter resulting to the feed pump. On the other hand, it is conceivable to introduce a mass counter, a fundamental decision if adjusted bitumen is utilized, which requires frequent cleaning operations.

Filler Metering

In batch plants, the filler is metered by weight in the measuring container, where the recuperated fines and imported fines can be independently controlled, subsequently influencing the metering to process extremely exact.

In continuous plants the metering system is regularly volumetric, and utilizes variable-speed feed screws.


In batch plants, the mixer with twofold arms and paddles implies the mixing quality is without a doubt better when contrasted and continuous plants since it is constrained. This component is especially critical when managing ‘special products’ (permeable black-top, splitmaster, high RAP content, and so forth), which require a high level of value control. What’s more, with ‘forced mixing’ techniques, the mixing time can be protracted or abbreviated and in this manner, the mixing quality can be changed, contingent upon the sort of material being created. Then again, in continuous plants, the length of the blending activity should essentially remain consistent.

An Ultimate Choice

Normally, this is left to the customer to choose, however in general terms an answer can be found as follows:

Batch Plants – where adaptability, work for different customers and extraordinary recipes are required.

Continuous Plants – where low operating expenses and non stop production are fundamental, obviously in the event that you have steady quality in the aggregates.

Making the Right Choice: Continuous vs Batch Plants

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