What are the Types of Asphalt Plants?

There are several types of asphalt plants available these days. It is essential to understand each sort, its features, pros and cons, configuration, and other details to choose one as per your construction requirements.

So we have put together everything you would like to know about the varieties of asphalt plants.

What are the Types of Asphalt Plants

The Basis of Classification of Asphalt Mixing Plants

The following table explains the different classifications:

Basis of Classification of Asphalt Mixing Plants

Let us now take an in-depth look at each type.

1) Based on Production Capacity

Small and medium asphalt plants are typically used for smaller construction engineering. These include asphalt mixing plants of capacity from 20 TPH to 100 TPH. They are used for road construction, parking lots, and so forth.

We, at Kaushik Engineering Works, manufacture and supply asphalt plant models with a capacity ranging from 40-100 TPH.
The large asphalt mixing plants are suitable for construction projects that require a substantial amount of hot mix asphalt. These are commonly used for construction purposes in metropolitan areas. They have a capacity of more than 100 TPH.

We have asphalt mixing plants with a capacity of up to 150 TPH. Additionally, we also manufacture and supply equipment with higher capacity as per specific inquiries and requirements.

2) Based on the Mobility

The Stationary Asphalt Plant, as the name suggests cannot move around during the construction process. Thus, the asphalt mixture that is produced has to be transported to the required location.

Our stationary asphalt drum mix plants, equipped with the latest process controls and automation, are designed and manufactured to provide hassle-free performance and excellent fuel efficiency.
The mobile asphalt mix plants are becoming increasingly popular due to their movable aspect. The equipment is mounted on a chassis which moves around and aids in the transportation of the mixture.

Our portable asphalt mixing plants are custom-built to meet specific site demands and construction requirements. They are available in capacities ranging from 20 TPH to 120 TPH.

3) Based on the Technical Process

The continuous asphalt drum mix plants are capable of producing asphalt mixture steadily without any interruptions. They can integrate the drying and asphalt mixing process together at a relatively lower cost. This is why continuous asphalt plants are favored in large construction sites.
The asphalt batch mix plants are widely used for construction projects. It can produce the highest quality of asphalt mixture. It is best suited for those projects which require the specifications of the mixture to be changed during the process.

Our asphalt batch mix plants are known and favored for their high performance, low maintenance, efficiency, and ease of operation. We use the ideal technology for perfect weighing as per your requirements.

So if you are looking for asphalt plants, irrespective of the type and size, we, at Kaushik Engineering Works, can help you. The ability to cater to the needs of our clients and supply construction equipment to meet all their specifications is what makes us stand apart from our peers.

For any queries regarding asphalt mix plants, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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