Components of Asphalt Batching Plant

Facts About Asphalt

  • Nation’s 2 million miles of streets and highways that are more than 94%  are paved with asphalt.
  • The temperature at which Hot mix asphalt is mixed ranges between 300 and 325 degrees.

Asphalt Pavement is the Leader in Recycling

In terms of both percentage and tonnage  asphalt pavement is the most widely recycled product.

Using RAP benefits the taxpayers and the environment.

  • Lower cost is the result of Using RAP. The less new material is used.
  • Less landfill space is consumed. Fewer trucks on the road.

Asphalt Batching Plant

Asphalt Batching plant

The name is given on the basis of the capacity of the plant and the mixing determinations that asphalt is created in batches every 40-50 seconds.

Let’s get to know about how does an asphalt plant work in detail.

Asphalt Batching Plant Operation

With a mechanical shovel, aggregates from the stockpiles on site are gathered and stacked into the cold feeders. Every cold feeder is fitted with its own extractor belt and moreover contains a particular aggregate size.


The dryer drum is a pivoting cylinder, with a progression of flights. Lifting the virgin material and heating it through contact with the hot air produced by a burner is carried out by the dryer drum.

With the help of thermal radiation, the heat of the flame inside the dryer is passed on to the aggregates. A lot of gas, dust, and components of combustion are delivered inside the dryer. Before being discharged into the atmosphere these components are passed through a bag filter.

The Sack Channel:

Because of progressively prohibitive breaking points for climatic emanations together with new advances for more noteworthy channel productivity, issues identified with ecological effect have now been significantly improved.

Materials gathered in the channel, usually known as filler(the material isn’t generally screened through the 0.063 mm screen), is gathered at the base by a wood screw, at that point passed on into a surge container, prepared to be weighed and re-bolstered into the blender in the right amount.

The filler assumes an essential part of managing the black-top attachment and enhancing the bitumen with the aggregates.

The Mixing Tower:

A temperature of 150-160°C in the dryer is met by the aggregates when they are dried. After which with the help of bucket elevator, they are transported to the re-selecting screen.

In the vibrating screen, the materials are recently isolated by the cross sections based on the size required. Once isolated, the hot totals are sustained into the fitting compartment (4 to 6) and are kept as hot as conceivable until the point when they are prepared to be weighed.

The blender comprises a reinforced container, of which there are two turning arms with paddles. The counter-revolution of these two arms blends the totals, bitumen, and filler until the point that a homogeneous blend is created.

The Upsides of the Batch Asphalt Mixing Plant

Hot aggregates, filler, and bitumen are first weighed and after that fed into the blender when Asphalt Batching plants is used. In the wake of blending, the black-top is released from the blender in the capacity container or straightforwardly onto the trucks.

Asphalt Batching plants are hence an assurance of most extreme adaptability, awesome flexibility and are perfect for urban circumstances where it is important to fulfill a scope of various generation determinations and to instantly react to the different needs of the customers.


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