5 Steps To Make Your Asphalt Plant Durable

Regardless of the working conditions, an asphalt plant can be made to last longer and achieve a higher availability rate and making it work even in tough weathers and environment.

Weather is a crucial factor but not the only challenge faced by the Asphalt Plants. Plants are an investment that you need to take care of, in order to have the maximum output. We being a quality asphalt plant, mixing drum and batch mixing manufacturer, Kaushik Engineering Works is here to let you on a few tips to make your asphalt plant last longer and be in a better shape!

5 Steps To Make Your Asphalt Plant Durable

Steps Towards Making Your Asphalt Plant Durable

1. Settle For Quality

Buying a cheaper option is not always the best for you. Try to get the high standard asphalt plants as they will last longer. The leading asphalt plant manufacturers provide client specific plants that are ideal to match their needs, thus provide better efficiency. Try settling for such manufacturers, they can produce a better quality of plants needed for your business.

2. Get High-end Replacements

Cheap replacements just like cheap asphalt plants will pose a higher threat of breaking down in the long-run. Try replacing the parts with the high-end ones to have a stable efficiency in the long term.

3. Regular Inspections

This among the best practices a company can have! Be well-informed about your plant’s condition before you start the maintenance by having regular monitoring and inspection.

Things you should check:


  • Sprockets
  • Reject Door
  • Slatt Chain Adjustment
  • Drive Chain Adjustment


  • Tire Shim
  • Trunnion Adjustment
  • Trunnion Shim
  • Shell Thickness
  • Frame Level
  • Door Wear
  • Seal Wear
  • Chute Wear
  • Flight Wear


  • Linkages
  • Adjustments


  • Tub Wall Liners
  • Silo Gates
  • Batchers

Transfer Conveyor

  • Sprockets
  • Transfer Chain Adjustment

Hot Oil Heater

  • Pipe Insulation
  • Possible Oil Leaks


  • Auger bearing and shafts
  • Door Seals
  • Bags

If you are not having consistent inspections then you can fall prey to:

  • Unimproved operations
  • Unforeseen Maintenance Nightmares

4. Scheduling Regular Maintenance

Do not want your plat to look old? Get regular maintenance! The most important aspect of having a better maintenance of asphalt plants is to have a preventive maintenance.

5. Plan The Process Through

You cannot have a random repair, according to your time. Planning the process out will help you determine a good time to conduct all the repairs and maintenance. You might be surprised by the kind of unwanted situations and frustration avoided by thinking through the whole process carefully.

These tips will ensure a timely repair and maintenance of your Asphalt Plant and will make it last longer!

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