Top Benefits of Using Mobile Asphalt Plant for Construction Business

A Mobile Asphalt Plant is an important machinery to carry out road construction projects on a small or medium scale. The plant is suitable for providing excellent service in your construction project while it is designed with a portable feature which provides the facility to move the plant from one place to another as many times as required. Above all, the plant is capable of producing mixed asphalt restlessly. However, some important factors need to be addressed before buying the equipment.

In case, you are new to this industry and looking for a portable asphalt plant, then do not just spend money without proper research. There are different factors, technical terms, and specifications that you have to deal with. Therefore it is better to be well-informed than to regret after a purchase. Therefore, here are some important things to consider before heading to the store to buy an asphalt plant. So, here we go;

Mobile Asphalt Plant

Consider the Size of the Asphalt Plant

Before you take a decision to buy an asphalt plant, determine the size of the project, daily volume target, and how many tons of asphalt you need per hour. These are the primary things to consider as they will help you to choose the right Asphalt Mixing Plant.

Consider Portability

There are two main ways you can decide if you need a Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant or Mobile Asphalt Plant. If you have a larger project in a particular area and do not need to move to another location for a period of time, then you can think of installing a stationery Asphalt Mixing Plant. But if you need to transfer locations very often, then Mobile Asphalt Plant is the best option to choose.

Types of Asphalt Plant

There are two basic types of Asphalt Plan to produce hot-mix asphalt -Batch Mix Plant and Drum Mix Plant.

Batch Mix Plant: The Batch Hot-Mix Asphalt Plant is available in both stationary and mobile forms. However, it is the most used asphalt plant in the world and is mostly used in its stationary form because it manufactures one batch of hot-mix asphalt at a time. However, the Batch Mix Plant can produce mixed Asphalt in every 40-50 seconds, depending on the type of equipment and its capacity.

Benefits of Batch Mix Plant

  • The equipment comes in a wide range of sizes and configurations in both stationary and mobile versions.
  • The Batch Mix Plant produces a superior quality product and provides flexible production option
  • The Batch Asphalt Plant can produce every batch in 45-50 seconds, depending on the size and capacity of the plant.
  • It is flexible to work with many clients or work requirements as the specification of the product can be reset after every batch.

Drum Mix Plant: This is used in its mobile form only and is easily portable from one place to another. Most importantly, all processes starting from heating to drying as well as the mixing of aggregates take place in a single drum.

Why Mobile Asphalt Plant?

There are so many benefits of having a Mobile Asphalt Plant for your small and medium-scale construction projects -especially for road construction projects. You can carry the Mobile Asphalt Plant along with your bandwagon wherever you go for the next project. Apart from these, the Mobile Asphalt Plant provides many other benefits which include;

  1. Hassle-free and smooth operation
  2. Rustproof finishing
  3. Handy
  4. Quick installation
  5. Added flexibility
  6. It comes with an easy setup feature
  7. It does not mandatorily require a concrete foundation
  8. Produces hot mix asphalt quickly
  9. Prevents wastes
  10. Continuous service

In fact, the Mobile Asphalt Plant has become an integral part of construction projects. Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plants are used for larger projects and cannot be moved quite frequently while the Mobile Mixing plants can easily be dismantled and moved from one place to another.

Upgrade Your Road Construction with Kaushik’s Mobile Asphalt Plants

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