Unique Features Of Mini Concrete Batching Plants

A unique design and easy mobility are two fundamental features and advantages of mini concrete batching plants. Specific construction sites do not require heavy batching plants that are immobile. Instead, they need mini concrete batching plants that are easy to transport and feasible to use. Since they are smaller in size as compared to standard concrete batching plants, they occupy less space and do not block the construction site.

During the purchase of a batching plant, many customers prefer mobility as the primary feature of their batching plant. Considering customers’ preferences, we have designed our mini concrete batching plants to move in tight spaces quickly.

We have exported our mini concrete batching plants to various countries such as Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Bangladesh, Brazil, Nepal, Egypt, and Indonesia.

Before learning about the features of a mini concrete batching plant, let us understand what a mini concrete batching plant is. There are a plethora of models and styles available for purchase at Kaushik Engineering Works. All designs are unique and are crafted to suit various purposes.
Mini Concrete Batching Plant

What is a Mini Concrete Batching Plant?

A mini concrete batching plant is a smaller version of a concrete mixing machine. Its capacity is comparatively smaller and has a more straightforward structure. It occupies a smaller area and is less costly. It may be smaller in size but serves the same function as a standard concrete batching plant.

Recognised Features of a Mini Concrete Batching Plant

  • Comes with attached feeding bins: A mini concrete batching plant has a total of three feeding bins. They are used for feeding 1 type of aggregate and 1 type of cement and sand in each of the attached bins. If not needed, you can also opt for a single or double feeding bin.
  • A water storage unit: A separate unit is provided to store water as needed for the mixture recipe.
  • Has a control panel: The mini concrete batching plant comes equipped with a control panel that has sufficient space to store recipes. It is installed on the central unit of the plant to allow maximum mobility. The panel comes with a pen drive facility for recipe backup.
  • The plant requires no foundation: No foundation or base is needed for the mini concrete batching plant prior to starting the machine.
  • The plant is pre-wired: The plant is equipped with a pre-wired system allowing the user to start the machine in a few hours.
  • Contains individual loading cells: The plant provides separate loading cells for all three bins attached. You can also control the loading compartments individually.
  • The plant is low maintenance: As a user, you will have easy access to the moving parts of the mini concrete batching plant, allowing you a quick maintenance facility.
  • Lubrication system: The machine comes with a centralised lubrication technique for all moving parts of the plant.
  • Offers accessible towing facility: Towing a mini concrete mixing plant is very easy as you can tow it using any vehicle. You do not need huge pulleys or lorries to move the mini concrete batching plant. Its compact design gives easy access and can be operated in tight spaces.

Where to Find a Reliable Road Construction Machinery Manufacturer?

At Kaushik Engineering Works, we do not believe in just selling road construction equipment. We believe in giving our customers the correct solution to all their problems. Our engineers are dedicated to offering an array of high-functioning mini concrete batching plants. All our plants are put through a test run at the factory and approved by our engineers.

We have always been known to provide superior-quality mobile mini concrete batching plants for various construction projects. Our products are exported worldwide and follow stringent National and International Standards.

For long-lasting road construction equipment, you can call us today at +91-9825164764 or mail us at info@kaushikengineeringworks.com for any query. We will be happy to help you!


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