All About Asphalt Mixing Plant

An asphalt mixing plant is the perfect development hardware utilized in the process of asphalt manufacturing that is primarily utilized for road development and other construction ventures. Asphalt is set up by blending an appropriate amount of sand, aggregates, & stone dust, which is heated and afterward bitumen in the proper amount is blended at a temperature that is standard after which they are transported to the site.

Asphalt Plant Types:

Mixing plants can be categorized as batch mix plants and drum mix plants.

  • Asphalt mixing plants: These plants deliver hot mix asphalt in a progression of batches.
  • Drum mix plant: Hot mix asphalt is delivered in a constant procedure. Counterflow plants are of a similar kind.

The distinction here isn’t just in the method of creation. Yet in addition the distinctive characteristics of hot mix asphalt that every gear produces. For the creation of hot mix asphalt utilizing the reused material, it is additionally conceivable to change and utilize this gear. There is a wide range of types of Batch-type and drum-type plants that allow the RAP-Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement expansion.

Components of a standard Asphalt mixing plant care:

  • The purpose of Cold aggregate feeder canisters act like a meter and are used for aggregates to be supplied to the dryer drum.
  • The process of taking the cold aggregates from the feeder is done by the Conveyor. Moreover, it also supplies the cold aggregates to the dryer drum.
  • For heating the aggregates there is a Drying drum equipped with a burner.
  • The elevator is used in order to feed the hot aggregates to the vibrating screen.
  • Vibrating screens to separate the hot aggregates into distinctive compartments according to the sizes
  • Hot containers to hold the hot aggregates before weighing
  • Filler storage and weighing framework
  • Bitumen storage and weighing framework
  • Aggregate weighing framework
  • Pug mill blending unit
  • Dry dust collector
  • Bag channel
  • Control Framework


  • Each cluster feeder framework is equipped with free-factor drive electric engines and one canister fitted with a vibratory engine.
  • Fully protected Dryer equipped with a programmed silenced heater that is furnished with an infrared test, preheater, and feeding for Dryer transport.
  • Hot lift framework.
  • Four/Five decks vibratory screen.
  • 4/5 containers for storing hot aggregates.
  • Measuring unit for bitumen, aggregates, filler, and hot mix.
  • Hot oil heat exchanger along with storage for bitumen and heating system.
  • Completely electronic control board with PLC, PC, Video, Power room, and printer.
  • Filler lift for recuperated dust from bag channels.
  • Hot mix silo with 2 compartments, doors for discharge, intermediate container, and level pointer.

Listed below are some of the operations that are basic to all Asphalt batching plants:

  • Stockpiling and feeding for cold aggregates.
  • Aggregate heating and drying.
  • Completed asphalt mix materials loading.
  • Control board in order to control the activities of the plant.

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