What are the Different Kinds of Ready Mix Concrete Plants?

Concrete batching plants are of various categories and come in multiple shapes and sizes. As per requirement, concrete batching plants are manufactured differently to suit all needs. It is common for buyers not to have complete information on the different types of batching plants. Let us first try and understand how a ready-mix concrete plant is made.

Ready Mix Concrete PlantsHow Is a Ready Mix Concrete Plant Made?

The manufacturing process of a ready-mix concrete plant is simple. One must add suitable ingredients to give a ready-mix concrete plant its fixed proportions. To build a small/mini ready-mix concrete plant in good numbers, Kaushik Engineering Works has a separate section allocated for the manufacturing process.

All in all, a ready-mix concrete plant is an automatic machine that is designed to prepare different types of concrete mix. The device has extensive separate bins to house various aggregates of mixtures in other chambers. These aggregates and sand are separately weighed with the help of loading cells and then let out into a mixer mixed with water and cement. The water and cement used are also weighed separately before they are poured into the mixing unit. The mixing compartment then combines all the ingredients for a suitable time before pouring them into a transit mixer.

Variety of Ready Mix Concrete Plants

There are typically two kinds of ready-mix concrete plants commonly used by builders.

  • Ready mix plants, also known as truck mix plants
  • Central mix plants

Ready Mix or Truck Mix Concrete Batching Plant

If you are looking for concrete batching plants that are good for dry mixes, truck mix plants are what you are looking for. Ready or truck mix plants are usually the dry types of batching plants. As per the rule, all the mixing ingredients of the recipe are weighed before shifting into the transit mixer. Since this is a dry mix plant, there is no provision to mix water with the abovementioned ingredients. Therefore, these types of concrete batching plants are called dry mix plants. A limited amount of water is added to the transit mixer later in the mixing process.

Central Mix Concrete Batching plant

A central concrete batching plant is a mixing plant where we mix all the mixtures, including water. As per the rules, all the ingredients are weighed separately and then poured into the mixer. The mixers are available in different types in the market, but the end product is always the same. After the mixing is complete, the wet mix is dispatched into a transit mixer which is then sent to the work site.

What are the Different Categories of Ready Mix Concrete Plants?

There are primarily three categories of ready-mix concrete plants: Shrink concrete mix plants, Central mix concrete, and transit mix concrete plants. Central mix concrete is made at a concrete plant manufacturing unit. Whereas shrink-mix concrete plants are partially ready-mix concrete plants that shrink their volume as needed. The mixing process is carried out inside the rotating drum of the mixer.

Common Uses of Ready Mix Concrete Plants

Ready-mix concrete plants are used for a plethora of reasons in the construction industry. Some of the common uses of ready-mix concrete plants are:

  • For civil engineering projects
  • For road construction and repairs
  • For establishing the foundations of bridges, houses, public properties, driveways, highways, footpaths, etc.

Any construction that needs a reliable and long-lasting material must choose the unbeatable strength of ready-mix concrete plants.

Where to Find Reliable Ready Mix Concrete Plants?

At Kaushik Engineering Works, we do not just sell ready-mix concrete plants. We perfect them for you. Our highly skilled engineers work meticulously to offer a series of high-functioning ready-mix concrete plants. All our concrete batching plants undergo a test run at the factory to get our engineers’ approval.

Kaushik Engineering Works has always been known to provide first-class service and superior-quality concrete-ready mixed concrete plants. Our equipment is exported worldwide and follows stringent National and International Standards.

For reliable road construction equipment, contact us today at +91-9825164764 or mail us at info@kaushikengineeringworks.com for any information. We will be happy to help you!


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